Three Rats (Wilfrido Maria Guerrero, 1948)

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Here’s a summary of the plot of Three Rats:

There are three characters: Gonzalo (27 years old), his wife [of seven months] Nita (19 years old), and his best friend of 15 years, Adrian (25 years old).

He suspects Adrian of having an affair with Nita.

Gonzalo exacts revenge.

(Someone was asking about tree rats. Were you, perhaps, looking for the three rats?)

Conflict in Three Rats

Man vs Man
  • Nita vs the dismissed maid
  • Gonzalo vs Adrian
  • Mr Viterbo vs his wife Mila
  • Gonzalo vs Nita
Man vs Himself
  • Gonzalo and his failing memory
  • Gonzalo and his health / hyperthyroidism
  • Gonzalo, picking up then putting down the cup of coffee
  • Adrian and his addiction to gambling
  • Nita and her confusion: Should she warn Adrian or obey Gonzalo and keep quiet?
Man vs Nature
  • Adrian vs the effects of cyanide
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