Mga Anyong Lupa | Land Forms

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Here are examples of land forms (mga anyong lupa) in the Philippines.

Bulubundukin (Mountain Range) – The most famous in the Philippines is the Sierra Madre, which starts in Cape Engaño in Cagayan and runs through Isabela, Nueva Viscaya, Quirino, Nueva Ecija, Aurora until Quezon.

Another example is in Zambales, starting at Cape Bolinao in Pangasinan all the way to the Bataan Peninsula.

In Mindanao, there’s another mountain range between Davao and Agusan. You’ll also find one in Misamis Occidental and in the peninsula of Zamboanga.

Bundok (Mountain) – The tallest land form which has a round or pointed top.
  • The tallest mountain in the Philippines is Mt. Apo (Bundok Apo), which has a height of 2,954 meters.
  • Mt. Pulag (in Kabayan, Benguet) is the tallest mountain in Luzon. It has a height of around 2,930 meters.
  • Mt. Kanlaon (Canlaon City, Negros Occidental) is the tallest mountain in the Visayas.
Bulkan (Volcano) – There are an estimated 200 volcanos in the Philippines (22 – active). Mga halimbawa nga bulkan:
  • Bulkang Kanlaon (Negros Occidental)
  • Bulkang Mayon (Bicol)
  • Bulkan Pinatubo (Zambales)
  • Bulkang Taal (Batangas) [others refer to this as Bulkan Taal]
Kapatagan (Plains) – Wide and level swaths of land that people can plant and cultivate crops on. Central Luzon is called the Kamalig ng Palay ng Pilipinas (Granary of the Philippines).
  • Central Plain of Luzon
  • Sarangani Plain
  • Kapatagan sa Lanao del Norte
Lambak (Valley) – low, level land between mountains or hills. The largest valley in the Philippines is the Lambak ng Cagayan (Cagayan Valley).
  • Lambak ng La Trinidad – salad bowl of the Philippines
  • Lambak ng Aklan
  • Lambak ng Agusan
Talampas (Plateau) – similar to a valley, but located in a high place.
  • Talampas ng Baguio
  • Bukidnon Plateau
  • Aurora Plateau (Zamboanga Del Sur)
Burol (Hill) – a tall land form, but not taller than a mountain. One of the more famous hills in the Philippines are the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.
  • Himontagon Hills
  • Naidi Hills (Batanes)
Tangway (Peninsula) – a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea.
  • Bataan Peninsula
  • Bicol Peninsula
  • Zamboanga Peninsula
Pulo (Island) – Land surrounded by water.
  • Bantayan Island
  • Camiguin Island
  • Sta. Cruz Island
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