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I'm a Twitter Rocket user, and here are some of my answers to the list of questions posted by glorybug at Preliminary Questions for Twitter Rocket users:

How did you hear about the Twitter Rocket, and when?

I stumbled upon the blog of Ashley Morgan (The Upstart Blogger), read his posts, got curious about his free 30 Day Blogging Course, and signed up for webhosting using Ashley's affiliate URL just so that I can receive the course that Ashley Morgan promised.

While waiting for him to deliver the complete course, he talked about Twitter Rocket. That was sometime around July 3, 2009.

Did you hear about it from people who were known to you, either through the internet or in person? Do you personally know anyone directly responsible for the development of the Twitter Rocket?

I heard about it through Ashley Morgan. I don't personally know him.

Have you personally purchased the Twitter Rocket for the full advertised price?
If you did, do you have receipts of proof of purchase?

Yes. I purchased it for $97 via Paypal (Transaction ID: 07xxxxxxxxxxxxx2K)

How soon after your purchase did you receive the eBook?

I got it after a little under 13 hours. Ashley was having some problems with his email system. He delivered the ebook manually via email (file attachment).

Was it complete and were you able to understand it?

It contained 28 pages and I was able to understand it.

As a background: I started using Twitter in July 2006 and have tried different approaches in Twitter over the years.

How soon were you able to implement the steps in the eBook?

I created a new Twitter account (to test the model which assumes one does not have a blog) and implemented most of the steps in the ebook on August 4, 2009.

Did you already have an established website or blog of at least a year before your purchase? If not, how soon after the purchase did you start a website/blog? How many posts does your website blog have now? How many did it have before the purchase? Do you have affiliate links or adsense or any other marketing income from your site besides the Twitter Rocket? How often do you post on your site, and how many of your posts are content driven, and how many are affiliate driven? How many of your posts are related to the Twitter Rocket, and how many are not?

For this Twitter Rocket experiment, I used the "no blog" approach.

I also conducted a with-blog TR experiment. Those various blogs were established at least a year before purchasing TR. One of those blogs has over 540 blog posts, while another has over 1500 posts.

The blogs do not exclusively market TR, and are updated around 4 to 6 times a month. All in all, I estimate that less than 0.4% of my blog posts was about TR.

Are you using AN Hosting as your host? If not, who is your host?

Yes, I am, but not in connection with Twitter Rocket.

Are you using a variation of the Upstart Blogger website style?

No. I use a different kind of WordPress theme.

Are you a musician?
I play a bit of piano and guitar. Haven't performed professionally.

Has your previous website been shut down for any reason?

No, but I have some old websites (Geocities, Hypermart) that disappeared from either lack of updates, and changes in the free website offering.

Are you promoting the Twitter Rocket without having a website or blog at all?

I've experimented with promoting Twitter Rocket without having a website or blog, using the steps outlined in the TR ebook. I've also experimented promoting TR using blogs established at least a year before TR.

Have you followed the eBook and done the steps required, when required?

Mostly. There are some steps I haven't gotten around to doing well.

I tried a certain step (Day 4 - Step 1 - page 16), but was unable to complete it within the 30 minutes a day target. I still have to figure out how the other TR affiliates (particularly the ones reporting high earnings) are doing it within the timeframe.

It involves visiting a certain site, and then searching for something based on a certain set of criteria. I tried my best to follow the instruction given in page 16 of the Twitter Rocket ebook, but it was too hard.

Maybe others will have a less difficult time. Anyway, if you own a copy of Twitter Rocket, you'll know what I'm talking about. I just wish there were a more viable way of completing Step 1 of Day 4 (of the 5-Day Plan).

How long does this take you daily/weekly?

About 20 minutes a day. (This does not include Day 4/Step 1, which I found rather time-consuming. I'm still searching for a way to do this step easily.)

Do you use Twitter to promote the Twitter Rocket?

For purposes of the experiment (no-blog model), I used only Twitter to promote my TR affiliate link.

In another experiment (with-blog model), I blogged about Twitter Rocket and attracted targeted traffic from people who are researching about TR. I also conducted a marketing campaign to get more people to tweet about my blog post, but that experiment only produced a 0.5% "Tweet This" conversion rate. Perhaps the market I was reaching out to isn't that fond of posting tweets.

How many Tweets do you do a day/week to promote it?

During the no-blog experiment, I sent one tweet a day to promote TR.

How many sales a day/week have you made from the Twitter Rocket, at $47 commission each?

Zero sales. (no-blog approach)

Zero sales, using the with-blog approach.

Based on my experiments, people who visit my blog because they clicked on a link in Twitter produced zero sales of Twitter Rocket. I thought success would be higher since people who are already reading tweets are probably interested in Twitter marketing ebooks.

Well, that hypothesis was quickly disproved.

Anyway, this personal experience further confirms what I have seen when it comes to marketing using Twitter. Others claim that they are very successful when it comes to direct marketing in Twitter. Well, congratulations to them. Perhaps one day, more people will be able to duplicate their success.

UPDATE (08/31/2009): - Someone bought via my affiliate link, which appeared in one of my blogs (TR With-Blog Approach). The $47 commission is scheduled for payment by the end of September 2009. There's a holding period in case of refunds or disputes, which is only fair. The sale was made with the help of a blog post (see Twitter Rocket Bonus), and I will update this page in the next few days by providing details about the "with blog" approach to promoting Twitter Rocket.

I'm quite surprised that when the bonus offer was still available, I made zero sales on that "with blog" approach. Days after I announced on that page that the bonus offer is no longer available, I made a sale. I'll share with you more details in the coming days.

PLEASE NOTE: Results are not typical. I'm not saying that just because you have a blog, you will be able to make referral sales of Twitter Rocket. I'm personally trying to understand how I was able to make this sale after the bonus was no longer available.

UPDATE (09/01/2009): The sale was a timing issue. It just so happened that the buyer found the page after the bonus offer expired. So, why did the buyer still push through with the sale? I'll share with you some affiliate marketing tips in the future. Stay tuned...

What were the numbers of your Twitter followers and who you follow before you used the Twitter Rocket, and how have those numbers increased by day/week?

It was a brand new account, growing at the rate of 10 new followers a day.

Do you believe it not possible to get Twitter followers any other way?

Based on my experience, there are many ways to get followers.

Do you use Twitter to drive sales to your site, or use Twitter directly for sales?

Mainly to drive traffic. For purposes of the Twitter Rocket experiment, however, I was using that special account to drive traffic to my TR affiliate link and hopefully generate sales.

Have you heard of any coverage of the Twitter Rocket other than the Upstart Blogger, people advertising as affiliates, or people questioning the eBook?


If you initially purchased the eBook at $97, and the AN Hosting, have you made your money back yet?


How many sales of the Twitter Rocket and An hosting would you need to achieve to call the eBook a success for you?


How few in order to consider it a failure for you?

Well, even with zero sales, I don't consider it a failure because during these past few weeks, I have learned a lot about Twitter, internet marketing, and people.

Although I was not able to duplicate the success claimed by other Twitter Rocket affiliates, I know that the new things I have discovered about people and the web is priceless.

How long do you imagine it will take you to determine whether it has been a success or a failure for you?

30 days is enough time, based on my experience.

Would you sell this eBook to a family member or a friend?

Yes, but with additional content.

If you believe in this eBook, how long do you think it could be a successful marketing tool?

It will be good for at least another two years. There are still a lot of people who haven't tried, much less even heard of, Twitter.

Do you believe the Twitter Rocket will still be marketed a year from now? Or longer?

I think it will be marketed by at least one person for at least two more years.

What do you think of the people who express concern or skepticism about the Twitter Rocket or it's long-term viability?

I think they're either prudent, or are behaving based on past experiences with some things promised on the internet by some marketers.

What do you think their motivation is?

Concern for others, specially fellow skeptics.

Why do you think they have not purchased the eBook?

They (or their friends) have probably gotten scammed quite a few times in the past, or a lot of their pre-sales questions have not been answered well.

Do you think people expressing criticism of the Twitter Rocket have the freedom of speech to bring up questions about it, or does it make you mad?

I consider such expressions as opportunities to improve the product, or provide reassurances to the buying public. Valid questions need valid answers, particularly if we're interested in transparency.

How long do you anticipate using the Twitter Rocket, in weeks, months or years?

I'll be ending my 30-day Twitter Rocket experiment soon, and will use a modified version of it. This Twitter marketing model will continue to evolve in the weeks to come.

How much money do you anticipate you will make?

I'm targeting an average of $2,000 a month using a vastly modified method of Twitter marketing. This will not be from selling the TR ebook, though.

Do you believe you can make money while you sleep?

Yes, but only with the generous help and support of other people who are awake while I'm asleep. I do help them, too, while they're sleeping. Welcome to the timezone-less world of the internet! :-)

Would you feel bad if you made money selling the eBook, but the people who bought it from you did not?

I'd feel worse if the people who bought the ebook via my affiliate link did not take action or even at least try some of the steps outlined there. True, results are not typical and success is not guaranteed, but if the buyer were not satisfied, I wouldn't mind losing the commission if they ask for a refund. It's only fair, right?

Because it is an intangible one time purchase, do you think there might be a time when the Twitter Rocket becomes too saturated in the market to sell?

We're living in a dynamic market, one which expects new products in the future. There's always the threat of saturation, or obsolescence. That's why products (and marketing methods) need to evolve.

What has been the best part of your Twitter Rocket experience?

Getting to know some people better.

What has been the worst?

Getting to know some people better. ;-)

How long do you think you will continue using/marketing the Twitter Rocket?

For as long as the market wants it.

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Luke Davis said...

Yet another attempt to derail a successful and valuable product. Keep up the good work Manuel.

For the record, I make a few sales every day with this product generating an income (a profit) of over $100 every day.

There will always be people like Manuel who want to trash talk. You just have to look at their motives (desperate for traffic - baiting google using a specific keyword etc. etc.) to understand where this is all coming from.

chris (@teh_s3quence) said...

interesting to read your responses to glorybug's questions, particularly in how similar a lot of them are to mine. ( since reading the ebook, i've decided, too, to stray a bit from the path outlined in the book, while i am using a lot of ashley's techniques. i guess we're too headstrong to be told what to do ;)

Juan Podcaster said...

In my case, Chris, I tested the TR method (using the no-blog model), measured the results, and compared that with the results achieved using a different approach to Twitter marketing.

I'm more of a test-measure-adjust then test again type of person. :-)

David Madison said...

I bought Twitter Rocket. I use it on 2 different Twitter accounts and it is doing everything it claimed to do - grow my followers by over 1,000 in every week.

It gets me followers and a I make a sale or 2 each day which is great.

I integrate it with a few Twitter advertising systems like revtweet and magpie and it works really well.

Anonymous said...

It works for me. I follow the instructions 100% and it grows my followers and makes money.

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