One Laptop Per Child and Math Scores

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Why do people expect math and science scores to improve just because you provide schoolchildren with an affordable laptop?

In One Laptop per Child program not improving math or language test scores, according to study, Dante D'Orazio writes:

a new study of 319 primary schools in Peru over a course of 15 months from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has found that there is no evidence that it has had an effect on math and language test scores.

On the bright side, more students are gaining increased exposure to computers. This helps prepare them for a world of computers, tablets, smartphones, and the internet.

Perhaps computers or laptops are better suited when it comes to adult learning.

This assumes, of course, that the e-learning materials actually engage the learner.

No, we're not talking about screencasts of PowerPoint presentations, where a voiceover simply reads out loud the PPT speaker's notes. In such cases, it may be better to simply offer the PowerPoint slides and the speaker's notes as a downloadable MS Word document, or even as a PDF.

The multimedia approach I prefer is a short (less than 5 minutes) audio-visual presentation which presents one key point, and then supports that key point with a story.

The words used and the way these words are spoken will help the student remember the key lesson.

One laptop (with internet access) per adult student, anyone? :-)
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