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Ashley Morgan is now building a Twitter account on behalf of Luke Davis, to publicly show how following the Twitter Rocket 5-Day Plan can make you a six-figure income. Specifically, the goal is to reach a daily income of $282 by January 2010.

This is equivalent to selling 6 copies of Ashley Morgan's "Twitter Rocket" which retails online for $97 (affiliates earn a commission of $47 for each successful referral).

Looks like Ashley is off to a quick start (@sixfigureluke), though I wonder why the account is now following a little over 900 Twitter-ers in the first 24 hours. In the TR ebook, the limit Ashley mentions (when it comes to following people each day) is much lower than this initial burst.

Perhaps Ashley is employing a modified strategy when it comes to attracting up to 1,000 followers a week in Twitter? Hopefully things will be clearer in the coming weeks.

A lot of us are closely monitoring this public demonstration. If you're interested, be sure to check the Twitter Rocket Bonus first.

Here are the people that @sixfigureluke initially followed:

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And that's the first 221 of the 900+ people being followed by the @sixfigureluke account. Looks like Ashley Morgan is quite busy with his public demonstration of TR, so if you're waiting for the complete delivery of his 30 Day Blogging Course well... keep waiting.

Anyway, if you visit the Twitter accounts listed above, you will gain a better idea whether you would like to join Ashley and Luke's journey towards a six-figure income. And if you're curious, remember to check the Twitter Rocket Bonus first. Have fun! :-)
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lackobrain said...

Hi Manuel,

I'm following this experiment(?) with interest too. I understand that many people claim success with the program but I'm a born sceptic!

Ashley mentions there is no need even for a blog to make this happen & as I'm far too cheap to stump up the cash for the program, I guess following @sixfigureluke is likely to be the best chance I'll have to find out some techniques


Juan Podcaster said...

Hi Richard,

So far, I've read a couple of people who are reporting fantastic results with Twitter Rocket.

Following Luke on Twitter will show you the numbers, but the actual how-to's will not be readily seen.

Anyway, who knows? Luke just might tweet a revealing trick or two. :-)


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