PPC Defender: The Ad Spy Destroyer

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PPC Defender (http://www.ppcdefender.com) is a FREE program that protects you from ad marketing spy programs (e.g., Google Cash Detective, Adspy Pro).

I was wondering when someone would clamp down or do something about the ad marketing spy programs proliferating on the web nowadays. Imagine, you spend time and money refining and finetuning your Google Adwords campaigns.

Then along comes some program that will sneak in and monitor which of your ads are performing well, grab that proprietary information, and then sell your information to someone else (or even use your own information to compete with you online).

What PPC Defender does it to block those ad spy programs or even fool those programs by sending back bogus information.

I was wondering when the ad networks such as Google and Yahoo would block efforts to mine their advertising database. The free PPC Defender software, however, is a welcome start.
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Anonymous said...

I can't find the PPC Defender program as the website won't load. Is it still available?

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