Podcasters: Don't Give Up!

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It's sad when podcasters give up just because they receive negative comments about the way they speak English, or about their grammatical errors. Yes, podcasting (just like blogging) requires that you have a thick skin.

Or in Tagalog: kapalmuks.

If you can't take the criticism, and if you end up deleting those "negative" comments, and if you start announcing that your podcast is coming to an end (after just FOUR episodes), then it would be a waste.

It would be a waste, Jeric, because you've already created and discontinued the Jeric's Confessions podcast, resurrected with the Brink Notes podcast, and proved that you can make podcasts.

Anyway, here's the comment I tried to post at Brink Notes:

Jeric, people are able to make negative comments because they took the time to listen to your podcast.

If you want to stop podcasting, I hope your main reason is lack of time. Then again, if the nega comments are really getting to you, I hope you’ll produce at least 12 episodes that you are personally proud of.

It’s hard to give an online impression of creating unfinished projects, especially when prospective employers (who hire for attitude and train for skills) are starting to Google applicants.

Use the painful comments to produce a better podcast, and to strengthen your resolve to improve your communication skills.

Have you heard of internet diva Alyssa Alano of “Keys Me” fame? She has spunk! And she’ll continue honing her craft in spite of those YouTubers who “hacked the lyrics.”

So keep your chin up, Jeric, and continue improving. I look forward to the 12-episode 2nd season of the Brink Notes Podcast.
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