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SiteStealer ( offers a rather misleadingly-titled ebook, because you aren't really stealing sites.

What comes to mind when you hear that someone stole your idea, your website, or your article? Plagiarism? Exactly.

Now if that person steals your words, asks your permission (which you do grant), and then publishes it online (again, with your permission)... is that really "stealing"?

And that's why I find it misleading. You'll read or hear "just get permission first" in the articles or videos available in Harris Fellman's SiteStealer site.

I do like, though, how Harris plays the part of Sal, your gangster-type of internet marketer. Right from the way he looks and moves, down to his language of "aaayy, paisano", "yous" and "fuggedaboutits."

Anyway, it's not about stealing. It's about getting permission to copy someone. But if you're after the entertainment value of seeing how Harris wonderfully injects this Sal persona into the entire sales and marketing process, then check out today.
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