Strategy for Network Marketing in the Philippines

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Some people are getting drawn to network marketing or MLM here in the Philippines. Here's a strategy you can use...

Go Micro-Part-Time!

In other words, spend as little personal time on MLM as you can. Don't bother your friends, family, officemates, or acquaintances.

Instead, publish a single web page that talks about the product your network marketing company is pushing, plus an invitation for the reader to get in touch with you.

That's it? Just a single webpage?

Well... you need to build a massive collection of webpages that indirectly promote YOU. Not your MLM company or business opportunity. Not your network marketing organization.

You. Build the business of YOU.

No, I don't mean write about how good you are, or how fantastic you may be. Yes, I'm sure it's true, but there's no need for you to trumpet that fact.

Let others be the ones to say good things about you.

How To Build The Business Of YOU

Simply help others... by publishing useful and relevant content online.

More and people are going to the web searching for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. And if your article helps them solve their problem, how do you think they'll feel about you?


That's what I mean by building the business of YOU.

Yes, it will take a fair amount of time and effort. But the beauty of the web is this: what you worked on before will continue serving you in the future.

It's there on the web, ready to be seen, viewed, or read by others in the future. Imagine that, a future opportunity to connect with people, thanks to something you wrote many months ago.

And there you have it. Promote your MLM company minimally. Spend more time promoting the business of YOU. :-)
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