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Where do fans of the Traffic Geyser ( system like to upload their videos? Afterall, there are over 270 online video communities online, so what are the top favorites?

Here's a guesstimate: (tags) (tags)

That's six. I haven't found the remaining 9 to 24 sites, since Traffic Geyser claims they'll autosubmit your video to 15 to 30 online video libraries. The Silver package costs $247 in the first month and $47 per month thereafter, while the Gold package costs $297 in the first month, and $97 per month onwards.

Related, but actual video pages not found in the search engines:
Google Video (powered by

Traffic Geyser headlines shout that "In Just 24 Hours Google Ranked The Site Below #1 in a Very Competitive Category", yet when I do a search in Google for "traffic geyser" the first page results show some blog entries and a few video pages of videos uploaded by people outside Traffic Geyser.

Looks like I'll pass on this monthly video submission service. Afterall, the proof of the pudding is in the search engine results. ;-)

It is better to produce DIFFERENT videos and manually submit these to different video sites (each site will have its own unique video), instead of creating ONE video and mass-submitting it to 30 video directories.

Now if only someone can help me automatically create a video... :-)

(For those deadset on the video autosubmit service, and would rather pay $27/month with zero start-up fees, then check out's Traffic Geyser Alternative.)
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