Forgetting Free Hide Folder

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Free Hide Folder is a free utility that helps you hide certain folders in your hard disk. It works. A little too well, though.

I forgot my FHF password.

Not only was I unable to re-open the hidden folder, I couldn't even uninstall the FHF software.

I was willing to lose the hidden folder, because it was just a test folder and only contained a test .txt file. I was more concerned about uninstalling FHF because I read that some people were seeing erratic computer system behavior.

Some of their hidden files outside the FHF-protected folder could not be made visible.

Since I did not want any system instability, I wanted to uninstall FHF.

So, how did I remember my old FHF? I was lucky, I guess. I kept thinking about what was going on in my life 2 months ago (when I installed FHF).

And then the password suddenly popped into my head.

If you want to try FHF, please remember to remember your password. Just in case you need to uninstall FHF in the future.
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Anonymous said...

Don't need to remember the password. Just install other file managers like Total Commander and access the 'hidden' folder - name of folder is change to prefix like CHKDSK.100ÿÿ or RECYCLERÿÿ.


Diego Beat said...

Thank you very much anonymous!!!!

Lena L said...

I don't get how to do that I really can't remember the password so I need a solution no matter what. Even if I need to hack my own computer. So can someone please help me?

The Unl33t said...

Hey, I like to do security research and Free Hide Folder is one I studied. Here on my blog I have a write up of how it works and A link to download a tool I wrote to recover the password and show which paths are hidden. Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions

Anonymous said...

Thank you Unl33t :))

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