Crazy Week and Blogging On Steroids

Whatever You Do, Don't Click Here
Now I know why it's called a crazy week. Imagine, for just $5, you'll get "Blogging On Steroids" and "The Web 2.0 Resource Bible" at

Well, you get what you pay for, right?

Blogging on Steroids covers topics a lot of bloggers openly write about: WordPress, plugins, outsourcing, high speed article writing. If you're a complete newbie, then the 31-page PDF report can help you.

But you're better off reading blogs or searching Google for "wordpress plugins."

The Web 2.0 Resource Bible is pretty voluminous, by typical PDF ebook standards. Since I already got a copy of it prior to this crazy week offer, that makes the BOS acquisition a waste of $5.

No wonder the crazy week offer emphasized a "no refund" policy.

Oh well. Learn and move on. No more crazies for me.
Gusto Mo Bang Kumita Sa Internet
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Dirk doesn't have the guts to offer genuine products or customer support.

He's also a spamming menace, having sent thousands of emails out using my SMTP server today.

I strongly encourage your readers not to do business with this guy!

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