Bloggers Blowout Sept 3 - Tech Bloggers

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Orange Magazine is organizing an exclusive Sept 3 Bloggers Blowout, the details of which can be found here.

It's a good way to find out who are the bloggers actively participating in offline or face-to-face events. So do check out their blogs and get to know them, too.

I'll be touching base with the following Tech Bloggers in the coming weeks:

Alwin Aguirre
Alexei Rivera
Jason K. Ong
Dennison Uy
Ricky Castillo
Marco Polo Demo
Myk Rome
Mac Vasquez
Orlee Pasion
Ruth Floresca
Marnell Delos Reyes
Patricia Venci
Jayson Biadog
Jeffrey Osoc
Don Covar
Montsch Acosta
Veronica Therese Mandigma
Jennyi Iguis
Tristan Mirasol
Philippe Villareal
Flow Galindez
Corrine Emata
Alex Dizon
Azrael Coladilla
John Michael Bueno
Gusto Mo Bang Kumita Sa Internet
Nang Pa-Facebook, Facebook Lamang?

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