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You can succeed in AIM Global Marketing when you work in a team. Don't do everything on your own. Here's proof...

  • When you build your house, do you build it yourself?
    Or do you work with expert carpenters?
  • When you have chest pains, do you study to become a doctor?
    Or do you consult with an experienced cardiologist?
  • When you want to sell your book, do you distribute it yourself?
    Or do you work with Amazon, the largest online bookstore with a worldwide distribution system?

A lot of writers and ebook authors work with Amazon.

Amazon has the webservers. Amazon has the techies. Amazon has the distribution system in place. Amazon even handles the online payment system. Amazon even does online promos and markets various ebooks.

That's what Amazon is good at.

And that's what allows ebook authors to focus on what they do best: write their ebooks.

What about those thinking of becoming AIM Global Marketing distributors?

Will you do the marketing yourself?
Will you do the writing yourself?

You don't have TIME to do all those, because you're very busy with your work.

Fortunately, you can work with a Team.

You will work with the AIM Global Blogging Team (AGBT), because the team will help you write, blog, and market you and your business online.

Here's what you will do after you become part of the AGBT:
  • You will send (at most) one email a week about a product or service that you enjoyed.
  • You will handle customers who want to support you in your business, or pass those customers to your friends who are AIM Global Marketing distributors.
  • You will withdraw your commissions from your own AIM Global ATM account (BDO or BPI).
  • You will re-invest part of your commissions back to your AIM Global business, part to your Investment/Savings, part to your community or advocacy, and part to bonding moments with your family and loved ones.

Here's what the AGBT will do for you:
  • Transform your email into a 100-word blog post.
  • Publish that blog post online.
  • Promote you online.
Here's what will happen:
  • People who are interested in the product or service talked about in your blog post will find and read that article.
  • Those readers will appreciate the help that your email/blogpost gives them.
  • Those readers will like you because you helped them save time.
  • Some of them will want to get to know more about you.
  • They will find the webpage that talks about you.
  • They will find the part that talks about your AIM Global Marketing business.
  • Some of them will want to join you, because your article helped them.
Do you see why this "Help Others First" approach makes better use of your time?

This method attracts highly interested customers to you.

Sila na po mismo ang hahanap sa inyo.

Of course, you can spend time and money learning how to write, how to blog, how to set-up a website, how to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that people can find your articles when they search in Google, how to do Social Media Optimization (SMO) so that people find out about you in Twitter or Facebook...


You can simply send (at most) one email a week to the AIM Global Blogging Team, and the AGBT can help you plant articles for you on the web which will help send interested customers to you.

After all, when you harvest the blessings from this online marketing approach, your team members in the AGBT will also benefit.

It's a true win-win situation!

The writers and techies need YOUR experience with a product or service.

In return, those writers and techies help YOU with all the technical stuff via this email-to-web marketing service.

It's simple: When you earn your AIM Global commissions, the AGBT writers/techies earn override commissions. That's why they are willing to use their expertise and talents to help promote you and your AIM Global Marketing business.

Imagine, in just a year's time, you will have 52 blog posts on the web, tirelessly and continuously marketing you and your AIM Global business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All you need to do is join the AGBT, and send one email a week to the AGBT writers/techies.

It will take you only 17 minutes a week to make that one email.
(We'll show you how. You basically just answer 7 short questions.)

That means you'll still have time for your family, your office work, your community, and yourself.

Finally! Thanks to the help of the internet, you can now truly multiply yourself and succeed with your business, while still having the time to enjoy all these blessings with your family and loved ones.

Don't Work Harder, Work Smarter!

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