Moodle Installation

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Are you planning to use Moodle in your e-learning project? Let's learn how to install Moodle together! :-)

When you first install Moodle via Fantastico in your cPanel, you'll see this error message when you first visit your Moodle site:


To operate properly, Moodle requires
that you make certain changes to your current PHP settings.

You must set register_globals=off.

This setting is controlled by editing your php.ini, Apache/IIS
configuration or .htaccess file.

To fix this, go to your cPanel and look for QuickConfig (it might be beside Fantastico). Enable QuickConfig, then set register_globals to off.

Then, when you revisit the homepage of your Moodle site, you'll find that the error has disappeared.

In the future, we will update this blog post with tips on how to set-up your Moodle-powered e-learning website. Have fun! :-)

UPDATE: New issue -- After logging into Moodle, the website now displays a blank page. Am now searching online for solutions to this.
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