Tech and the Traditional Classroom

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As we move towards converting training materials into an "e-learning format", we have to ask ourselves how many minutes of online videos are we requiring our trainees to watch.

If you have a 3-minute video, does that take 3 minutes to watch? Well, depending on the internet connection speed, that figure may come closer to 5 minutes.

There's also the issue of video replays. Since it's online, a trainee or student may wish to play the video a couple of times. That means more time will be spent outside the classroom viewing and re-viewing videos.

Multiply that by the number of available videos and... Well, let's just say the trainees need to manage their time more efficiently.

Perhaps we should put a cap on the number of videos we produce per Training Module?

This will help keep our students fresh and less sleep-deprived, so that when we do meet face-to-face they'll still have enough energy for the needed interaction.

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