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Other (older) Blogger/Blogspot blogs may some difficulty switching over to the new Blogger (which integrates with your GMail account), because those older blogs may have thousands of posts. There are other reasons why you can't switch to Blogger Beta.

With the new Blogger Beta, giving your page a new look is as easy as dragging and dropping the various page elements. If you look at the sidebar, you'll also see RSS feeds displayed as straight links (no javascript).

I'm unable to edit the "Links" element of the sidebar, though. Perhaps it will work with IE rather than with Firefox.
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rlf said...

Hello, thanks for passing by my blog! You got the worst from the answer of 1/10th of a worm! Mine should only be half of a worm which one of those comment got this response. I already knew your website maybe about 2 or 3 years ago...i lose the bookmark when we change the computer.
And i am taking this chance to ask about your switching to beta. I am afraid i can't go on with it as i did not install firefox in my PC.

Juan Podcaster said...

Hi Relly,

Blogger Beta seems all right, except that I'm unable to add links. It's probably a javascript quirk. I'll test it with Internet Explorer soon...

Wait... Blogger Beta requires Firefox?

See you around! :-)

rlf said...

Thanks, i don't have firefox on laptop. I think i have to wait before switching to Beta...beside i am not really expert on computer. thank you again!

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