Credibility in Blogging

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Here's a quick tip on how to gain or maintain your credibility online as a blogger: stand by what you write.

And if you decide you want to change or delete your defamatory words, then disclose it.

Yes, it is your blog. And yes, you are free to edit your words.

But when you call a father and son (whom you identify by surname) "equally dysfunctional" in an emotionally-charged post (read by more than a thousand people daily), and then later remove that phrase, then disclose that fact in that blog post itself.

That's the credible thing to do.

Some people call other people names (i.e., delusional) even in public microblogging environments such as Twitter, and then quickly set their twitter messages to private after the object of their name-tweeting, I mean, name-calling finds out about it and raises a ruckus online.

In another case, a high profile blogger (with mere suspicions and not enough facts) will help set-up a minor during a party/gathering, and then subsequently hold up to online scrutiny a father and his 14-year old son and publicly question the father's ethics and morality.

Later, when the online pressure increases, the blog post is deleted.

It would have been better if that web page remained online, with a simple paragraph explaining why it was removed, plus a link to the apology page. If you call someone names and later regret it, then correct it credibly on your website if your apology is truly sincere.

This emerging habit of tweet and hide, or hit and delete (without clear disclosure in the blog post itself), erodes blogging credibility.

In the end, it is your blog. Your are free to express yourself. You are also free to destroy your credibility and refuse to repair or regain it. The choice is yours.
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Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, in Pinoy bloggie wonderland, I was subjected to what i would call "blog hazing". I have captures of the nasty back and forth twits of these people. Later, just like what you said - they set them in private. Soon, reyna haters flooded me. I was glad there were more reyna defenders of truth, justice and equal kalechehan. Many thanks to them.

Could we be talking of the same asshole or the similarities are just purely asshole dysfunctional similarities? Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

with what you wrote, that person will definitely give you a slap of the golden and precious "no-follow" link LOL that person might even twit or plurk you anytime today. ooops sorry, that person did already ROTFL

its just a matter of time before the plurk becomes private too. LOL

Juan Podcaster said...

Some things, like incredible bloggers, never change. ;-)

Anonymous said...

true! very true! i'd say it's true even if, like i'm that big in the blogging world, i am the one you're pertaining to.

blogging is a personal thing, you being your own publisher, so everything that happens is a reflection of no one else but yourself.

cathy said...

did she ever have credibility?

Anonymous said...

I'm clueless - hehehe.

Juan Podcaster said...

Had to delete the comment quoting a Plurk comment, because that was a private Plurk message. I hope you understand... Thanks!

reyna elena said...

hahahaa! i can't get over the "context" explanation of the usage of "equally dysfunctional" and "Peacemaker Appointee".

if she were my student in english, i will not just flunk her, i'll ban here in school hahaha

"equally dysfunctional" - evil
"Peacemaker Appointee" - whatever hahah this context is on the other end of ther ass


maybe next time they could write in tagalog? hahaha

Unknown said...

Got through "her" page in All-top. Boy you guys sure are high profile Pinoy bloggers. But yes, you should find ways to maintain your credibility. Yet then again it is her personal blog and she can do anything and everything to it. Should she be called "incredible" just because she doesn't want to get into trouble? Maybe. We can all say what we want right?

Juan Podcaster said...

@Reyna Elena - How ironic! :-)

@Likke - The issue here is not the act of editing. It is not clearly disclosing that something important was removed from the blog post.

Juan Podcaster said...

Take two, para mas malinaw...

@Likke - The issue here is not the act of editing.

It is, rather, failing to clearly disclose that something important was removed from the blog post.

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